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Re: Canary, loosing feathers

Posted by American Singer on 11/09/08
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    On 11/09/08, Denise wrote:
    > My canary continues to loose quite a few featherss day.
    > I wonder whether it's normal
    > Denise
    > Canada

    Canaries, along with all other birds, go through a molting
    process whereby they will drop feathers. Some birds do this
    more than others and if it's excessive, it's known as a "hard
    Normal conditions dictate that the bird should lose feathers,
    but not have bald patches on it's body.
    During the molting process you should be providing higher
    protein foods such as boiled, chopped eggs or commercially
    prepared egg food. Replacement feathers require much protein
    to develop. Of course including dark greens and vegetables
    will help to, not to mention the birds really like them and
    they are beneficial.