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Re: Putting finches togather

Posted by Sam on 11/13/08
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    On 11/11/08, Lisa Legg wrote:
    > We have 3 types of finches. Zebra, society, and shaftails.
    > We were thinking about putting them all togather in one
    > big avairy.
    > They all are breeding pairs.
    > Will they get along?
    > Will they still breed?
    As for the Society and the Shaftails, they will get along
    with anything but I'm not sure about the zebras. But if you
    have a good size aviary then I don't think there should be a
    problem. Society and zebras will breed almost under any
    circumstances but the shaftails might nelgect their nest if
    they're kept in a small cage with other birds in.