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Re: Where do you buy a Finch?

Posted by beth on 12/07/08
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    On 11/22/08, Delbert wrote:
    > On 11/19/08, Greylady wrote:
    >> On 11/19/08, Larry Collins wrote:
    >>> I would like to know where to buy a pair of lady gouldian
    >>> finches. If you have the information to this please email
    >>> me back at,
    >>> thank you,
    >>> Larry Collins
    >> You might try looking on the internet for finch breeders in
    > your area . I live in the Houston area and went looking on the
    > internet and found at least three breeders in my area that had
    > birds for sale.and try classified adds on birds.
    I live in the St Louis MO area and I am a breeder and I have
    some nice young Lady Gouldians just coming into color that are
    available. You can contact me at I do
    not ship, so if you live near St Louis, or are coming by, please
    feel free to contact me.
    Thank you