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Re: brocked canary leg

Posted by Alison on 2/08/09
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    On 2/06/09, pam wrote:
    > I have a canary that got into a fight and broch its leg,
    > it's going black but is getting aroun with 1 leg. What do
    > i do about the brocken 1, we have no vet here. If anyone
    > could help me Please. Pam
    Pam, The leg is turning black because it's not getting any
    circulation. Where on earth do you live that they don't
    have any Vets? There is little that you yourself could do
    for a broken leg. There are too many variables, like is it
    a clean break or a compound fracture. A break that makes
    the bone protrude through the skin is far more likely to
    become infected, but all breaks carry risks of infection.
    The bird really needs medical treatment and antibiotics.
    Look harder, there must be a vet around somewhere. -Alison-