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Re: Mites And Scaly Feet Gouldian Finch

Posted by Tiffany on 3/05/09
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    Iverlux or SCATT would be my first recommendations.
    What type of mites? Feather, blood, air sac??
    Iverlux and SCATT will both treat Air Sac Mites and Scaly.
    Something like Avian Insect Liquidator would be good for
    feather mites.
    Blood mites may need something stronger and pyrethrin based.


    On 2/15/09, Roy Hunt wrote:
    > Any advice on the best way to treat mites and scaly feet
    > on a Gouldian Finch. Recently picked up a gouldian fich at
    > a local bird shop, basically because it was being
    > neglected and looked pretty rough. Not the best idea I
    > know, but I felt sorry for it!!! Any advice would be
    > greatly appreciated. Thanks