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Re: Canary Lurches About

Posted by Pat on 10/04/09
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    Today, 10/04/09 we woke to find our 2006 "Peaches" one of our
    8 canaries acting the same way as below on the floor in the
    avairy. I have checked him and he appears fine, nothing as a
    lump or any outward issues. Wings, feet, eyes look okay, he's
    just moving slowly, leaning toward the right and stumbles
    around. He does fly but prefers his corner spot. We've moved
    him into a flight cage separated from the others and started
    him on Ornacycline. Could it be a stroke or some type of
    seizures? Thanks, Pat

    On 5/19/09, V wrote:
    > My canary is still eating, but he seems weaker, tries to
    > get up on his perch or edge of his feeding cup. He has
    > become quite awkward in moving about the bottom of his
    > cage, lurching about as if drunk. Any ideas what is going
    > on?