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Re: Canary Lurches About

Posted by Verdell on 5/26/09
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    On 5/19/09, V wrote:
    > My canary is still eating, but he seems weaker, tries to
    > get up on his perch or edge of his feeding cup. He has
    > become quite awkward in moving about the bottom of his
    > cage, lurching about as if drunk. Any ideas what is going
    > on?
    I would check with an Avian Vet. I had a male canary last
    year that acted similar. He actually started eating more
    than usual but couldn't get around as well. I took him to
    our Avian Vet as I also have Parrots take I take to him. The
    Vet held him up and showed me a large tumor growing in his
    abdomen. If I had picked him up I would have seen the lump
    and could have felt it by rubbing along his breast bone.The
    Vet thought it was cancer, so I had him put to sleep.
    Hopeful it is not this serious and may be an illness that
    can be treated. Good Luck