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Post: Canary Not Feeding Chicks

Posted by Ariel on 5/22/09

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    I have a yellow pair of canaries. They have had two
    clutches, the first clutch lasted a few days. Then all were
    dead. The second clutch, had one broken egg, one dead baby,
    and one live baby. I put the live baby under my red factor
    pair which had a chick, and an egg still, but it was weak
    already, I think it was too late, it didn't make it.

    When I find the dead babies, they are flat, with empty
    stomaches, I dont' think their parents feed them, the hen
    just continues to sit on them around the clock. I put egg
    food for the parents, that they don't touch for some
    reason, yet my red factors devour like there's no tomorrow.

    The pair is on three eggs now, due to hatch in a week or
    less... so advice is appreciated. I changed the location of
    the cage, thinking maybe some more sunshine will do them
    good to stimulate them maybe? Should I handfeed this
    clutch? I really don't want to loose a weeks sleep, and
    worried about handfeeding such small birds.

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