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Re: Society Finches loss of neck feathers

Posted by Rebecca on 10/07/09
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    On 6/06/09, Chuck wrote:
    > I have 7 society finches. 4 of them I removed from the
    > community and put in a separate cage in same room. These 4
    > have lost feathers around their neck and the skin in their
    > neck does not look normal. It seems to be discolored like
    > the sacks on new borns after being fed by parents. I have
    > a large flight cage. The other 3 societies, and pair each
    > of Gouldians, African Orange Cheeks and Owls. They all
    > seem ok. This problem on the 4 has been going on for
    > several months. Otherwise, these 4 are very active and eat
    > well. My birds eat seed and fresh fruit & vegetables
    > dailey. Also, there is no feather plucking going on. HELP!
    > shoulders-below#ixzz0HgO6pqJp&D

    Sounds like you might have a mite problem....I use SCATT and
    you put 1 drop on the skin of their necks..