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Post: Society Finches loss of neck feathers

Posted by Chuck on 6/06/09

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    I have 7 society finches. 4 of them I removed from the
    community and put in a separate cage in same room. These 4
    have lost feathers around their neck and the skin in their
    neck does not look normal. It seems to be discolored like
    the sacks on new borns after being fed by parents. I have
    a large flight cage. The other 3 societies, and pair each
    of Gouldians, African Orange Cheeks and Owls. They all
    seem ok. This problem on the 4 has been going on for
    several months. Otherwise, these 4 are very active and eat
    well. My birds eat seed and fresh fruit & vegetables
    dailey. Also, there is no feather plucking going on. HELP!

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