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Re: Strawberry finches

Posted by Kathy Taylor on 3/18/10
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    On 2/12/10, David wrote:
    > I also am very interested in purchasing a female strawberry
    > finch for our lonely male. In San Diego. Can anyone help?
    > Thanks!
    Hello David, This is Kathy in Orange County. I am so SAD my
    stawberry male finch just passed away today. His head was caught
    at the bottom of my cage.
    My female Strawberry finch is in her nest. I think she might have
    eggs, she won't come out!
    She is VERY unattractive, bald head and plucked by him, but other
    than that she is in good health. I have had her about 3 years.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    Kathy T.