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Re: Canary Leg** HELP **

Posted by Jane on 3/11/10
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    On 3/10/10, Canary Owner wrote:
    > Hi, I've recently bought two canaries in perfect
    > As I came home from work today, I realized the orange
    > was just laying in the dish of food. I pulled it out and
    > realized one leg seems fine and the other leg seems to be a
    > purple/brown/black color (couldn't tell). What should I do?
    > It can still fly but it limps around and it wobbles. I am
    > going to take it to a vet in 24 hours if it doesn't get
    > better. Any other solutions?
    If the leg is discolored, it may be broken or have something
    tangled on it that is cutting off the circulation. Please
    do not wait to bring it to the vet, it may be too late to
    save the leg or the bird if treatment is delayed. Good luck.