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Re: can i????

Posted by GreenLady on 4/10/10
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    On 4/10/10, brenda wrote:
    > i have a pair of silver bills in a very large cage. i see
    > one egg in their nest..
    > i bought 2 male red cheek cordon bleu males the other day.
    > i wanted to put them all in the same cage together but now
    > i'm afraid the silverbills will attack the cordons the
    > silverbills have been in their cage for 2 years by
    > themselves.. also... are 2 male redcheek cordon blues ok
    > together or will they fight?? please help!!

    Mixing just two pairs of birds, especially when one is
    already nesting is a recipe for disaster. If your birds were
    in a large/aviary/flight with other birds already, it would
    be much easier to introduce the new Cordons.
    Personally, I wouldn't do it as it will create tension and
    completion between the pairs, and the Cordon pair is two

    And yes, male Cordons do get along together if there isn't a
    female to distract one of them or cause sexual tension.