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Re: greenlady

Posted by GreenLady on 4/11/10
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    On 4/10/10, brenda wrote:
    > thank you so very much for responding....
    > they seem to be doing well in their own seperate cages...
    > i just checked on the silver bills egg... it is still
    > there although she is not sitting on it.... i love
    > watching all of them.. the cordons every once in awhile
    > make a loud singing call... one dances with nest material
    > in it's mouth... they both have red cheeks so i can only
    > assume they are both males.... i hope the mom of the
    > silverbill egg will continue to sit on it again... what
    > do you think??? again.. thankyou so very much!

    You're welcome, Brenda.

    Most finches wait until they have several eggs before sitting
    tight in the nest. She may lay more and if she does, you'll
    probably see her start incubating.
    Often times if they sit only one egg and it hatches, they
    lose interest in feeding the baby until it's old enough to
    fledge. I hope you do get more eggs.

    Good luck and enjoy your finches. They are fun birds and can
    be very entertaining.