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Re: canary

Posted by GreenLady on 4/16/10
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    On 4/16/10, d nocerino wrote:
    > My canary is 11 yrs old and it is having trouble getting
    > up and down perch. I feel so bad that he is getting old.
    > Im afraid that he is going to die in my home. What can I
    > do? I dont want to just dump him off at a pet store to
    > die, Is there a place to bring a bird to die happy

    If this is a legitimate situation, I feel the concern for
    your bird that you have.
    Your companion bird has been a good buddy to you and should
    die in the only home he has known.
    If this is too much for you to bear, take him to an avian vet
    and they will humanely euthanize him and end his life without
    To my knowledge there aren't any pet stores that offer
    hospice care for dying birds.

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