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Re: canary eggs

Posted by brenda on 4/19/10
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    On 4/18/10, Bruce wrote:
    > I have a male & female in the same cage and today i found
    > egg in the cage. The egg has disappeared and no trace of
    > shell. Please help...should i seperate the male from the
    > female? Could the male have eaten the egg and the shell?
    > Please help i have only had them for about a month. Ane
    > sure would be appreciated.
    > Thanks!
    > bruce
    i also found an egg in the bottom of my finch cage broken in
    half. i left it there and the next day it was gone.. i
    think they put it back in their nest.. now they have
    another whole egg in their nest.. i would just leave it
    alone and let them do what they want...