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Post: baby zebra finches keep dying HELP!

Posted by Sharon on 10/06/10

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    My daughter got her first finches about 3 mos ago. 1 male
    and 1 female. They immediately had 4 eggs. They threw one
    egg out, and the other three hatched. One was a runt, and
    he died about 3 weeks after he was born. The other two
    appeared healthy, and one died Friday, and the other one,
    which seemed to be the healthiest, died today. The last
    one that died had all feathers, was spending most of its
    time outside the nest, eating regular bird food, and we
    thought it would be fine. We don't know anything about
    birds, so no idea what is happening. Do we need to take
    the nest out? Could it be killing the babies? HELP!

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