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Re: Owl finches for sale

Posted by Richard on 12/05/11
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    On 1/04/11, Teri wrote:
    > 1 unrelated, bonded pair. Hen is
    2010. Also a couple
    > youngsters just ready to go (not
    babies of the mentioned
    > pair). I don't ship and am in St.
    Louis, MO if you're
    > anywhere within a couple hours.
    Hi Teri......I came across an older ad
    of yours from January 2011. Do you by
    chance have any Owl finch pairs
    available now. I am also located in
    the St. Louis area and I am a home
    hobby breeder of lady gouldians. Ok
    let me know, also if you know anyone
    else that might have some. Thank you
    for your time. sincerely, Richard.