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Re: canary colors

Posted by Debbie on 10/19/12
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    On 1/13/12, richard bunting wrote:
    > On 1/08/11, Bruce wrote:
    >> what makes a yellow canary yellow/ Can it be controlled by
    >> diet? Please let me know. Any vegetables they might like or
    >> fruits? Thanks! Bruce
    > yes color can be controlled,when i lived in wa state there
    > a pet store i shopped very often. They had a red powder
    > that ya put in their water and made the color more intence

    A yellow canary is produced by genetics. Usually yellow is
    produced by mating two yellow birds together or a yellow to
    Although the color of some can be intensified by using a
    coloring agent. Cantaxanthin is used to turn birds red or
    orange. Zoos use this product to color the flamingo