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Post: Sudan Golden Song Sparrows & Red Headed Buntings

Posted by D.Mackey on 5/23/11

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    I just purchased a pair of Sudan Golden Song Sparrows and
    a pair of Red Headed Buntings and was looking online for
    info on how to care for and maybe get them breeding in the
    future. The only info I can find on the internet is just
    your basic info like were they are from what they eat but
    not much on breeding, I would like to know more. I breed
    and raise hookbills from Keets up to Great Billed Parrots
    & Ringneck Doves, I and have had Finches in the past but
    seen these and found them interesting & different. I was
    just wondering if anyone on here has ever had them or had
    any luck with breeding them? Are there any good books that
    anyone would recommend?

    Thank You!!!

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