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Re: To: You Know Who You Are

Posted by Bird Mom on 9/27/07
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    > Isn't it amazing Bird Mom? You wer Roxanne's new best friend
    > and she didn't even share her email with you so that you
    > could chat personally.

    Firstly, I never called nor considered myself to be Roxanne's
    Best Friend. A Best Friend is someone you've known personally (
    like live & in person ) for a long time! All I was trying to do
    was to help someone in need of information ( which BTW was
    blocked from being posted here - the Avian Toxin List Link )
    which could have been of benefit to more than just Roxanne. And
    to give her moral support while she was/is carrying for &
    worring about her ill bird. I've seen for way too many years
    how newbies have been attacked on this chatboard & run off (
    with little or no help ). And I imagine you where party to, if
    not the starter of a lot of those attacks. And from your posts
    looks like you are pretty proud of that fact.

    Secondly, yes she did post her e-mail address ( which you
    apparently didn't notice, because your mind was running 90
    miles a minute planning your verbal attack on the poor woman
    instead of trying to help her ). But after all of your flaming
    & rude replys during this past week, the whole African Gray
    Chatboard was closed down & all posts where blocked from being
    read. Not that it's any of your business, but I did send her 1
    e-mail ( which apparently goes thru this site to keep posters
    address from being broadcast to the whole world )!

    Thirdly, Oh darned! you misspelled a word ( wer ??? ) in your
    post, so much for your so called strong spelling abilities!


    > Some BF she turned out to be.
    > Did I not tell you this was about Roxanne and her 15 minutes
    > of fame and not the bird?

    No! And like the old saying goes "it takes One to know One".
    Hopefully you can figure the meaning of that one out by
    yourself, since you are so highly intelligent ( or at least
    that's what you keep trying to convice people here that you
    are ).


    > Some people just never learn.

    No I guess not! That being said, here's a suggestion for you:
    go have a good look in the mirror my dear, because YOU are ONE
    of THOSE people!


    > Besides, she's probably attending a parent-teacher conference
    > with her home-schooled kids. Think about it. :>)

    Yes, I am thinking about it, thank-you very much! And what I'm
    thinking is: You apparently either can't read or can't properly
    process what you are reading. She NEVER said one thing about
    Home Schooling her 3 kids. You are the one who brought Home
    Schooling that into the conversation, not her! In fact she
    stated that information in a reply to you at one point. So
    again you where already planning on other ways to put/pull her
    down & to run her off this board. Now I guess you can give
    yourself that big-pat-on-your-back ( for being so successful in
    running another new poster away ) that you so obviously have
    been wanting/needing. Cause lady ( & I use that term loosely )
    you ain't gonna get it from me nor any other decent person who
    may still drop by this board from time to time.

    Frankly, I have a lot more urgent things that I can/need to be
    doing with the little free time I have, than Trying to Make
    Polite Conversation with you. I don't care who you are, where
    you are nor anything else about you. There are more then enough
    nasty/rude people on the streets these days & having to deal
    with even one on a Open/Public Chatboard ( sorry to burst your
    bubble, but this isn't your personal/private chatboard to do
    with as you please! Unless you are Bob the web-master,
    mascarading as a poster? ) isn't desirable.

    As you are so fond of posting to/about others here:
    why don't you try using some of that time in actually HELPING/
    being nice to newbies that show-up here needing/looking for
    help here, instead of immediately putting a knife into their
    backs with your rude/cutting posts?

    Remember these old saying? "Treat others the way you want to
    be treated", "What goes around comes around" & "whatever you
    sew, you will reap an abundance of ". In plain old english that
    means - If you're not willing to treat others with respect,
    don't expect them to treat you with any respect, and One of
    these days you're gonna get back Everything you've been dishing
    out on others ( that includes innocent posters here & else-
    where ). And whan that day does comes, don't expect me to come
    running to your rescue or to stand by your side, cause that
    just "Ain't Gonna Happen"!

    Now why don't you go have a good-long-look in a mirror. And
    while you're there, why don't you try doing what the good-book
    says "take that log you have in your eye out 1st & then (
    maybe, just maybe ) you can be of to HELP others who have small
    splinters in their eyes".