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Re: To: You Know Who You Are

Posted by highly amused on 9/28/07
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    On 9/28/07, Made My Day! From Your New Best Friend! wrote:
    > On 9/27/07, Bird Mom wrote:
    >>> Isn't it amazing Bird Mom? You were Roxanne's new best friend
    >>> and she didn't even share her email with you so that you
    >>> could chat personally.
    >> Firstly, I never called nor considered myself to be Roxanne's
    >> Best Friend. A Best Friend is someone you've known personally (
    >> like live & in person ) for a long time! All I was trying to do
    >> was to help someone in need of information ( which BTW was
    >> blocked from being posted here - the Avian Toxin List Link )
    >> which could have been of benefit to more than just Roxanne. And
    >> to give her moral support while she was/is carrying for &
    >> worring about her ill bird. I've seen for way too many years
    >> how newbies have been attacked on this chatboard & run off (
    >> with little or no help ). And I imagine you where party to, if
    >> not the starter of a lot of those attacks. And from your posts
    >> looks like you are pretty proud of that fact.
    >> Secondly, yes she did post her e-mail address ( which you
    >> apparently didn't notice, because your mind was running 90
    >> miles a minute planning your verbal attack on the poor woman
    >> instead of trying to help her ). But after all of your flaming
    >> & rude replys during this past week, the whole African Gray
    >> Chatboard was closed down & all posts where blocked from being
    >> read. Not that it's any of your business, but I did send her 1
    >> e-mail ( which apparently goes thru this site to keep posters
    >> address from being broadcast to the whole world )!
    >> Thirdly, Oh darned! you misspelled a word ( wer ??? ) in your
    >> post, so much for your so called strong spelling abilities!
    >> ________________________________________________________________
    >>> Some BF she turned out to be.
    >>> Did I not tell you this was about Roxanne and her 15 minutes
    >>> of fame and not the bird?
    >> No! And like the old saying goes "it takes One to know One".
    >> Hopefully you can figure the meaning of that one out by
    >> yourself, since you are so highly intelligent ( or at least
    >> that's what you keep trying to con vice people here that you
    >> are ).
    >> ________________________________________________________________
    >>> Some people just never learn.
    >> No I guess not! That being said, here's a suggestion for you:
    >> go have a good look in the mirror my dear, because YOU are ONE
    >> of THOSE people!
    >> ________________________________________________________________
    >>> Besides, she's probably attending a parent-teacher conference
    >>> with her home-schooled kids. Think about it. :>)
    >> Yes, I am thinking about it, thank-you very much! And what I'm
    >> thinking is: You apparently either can't read or can't properly
    >> process what you are reading. She NEVER said one thing about
    >> Home Schooling her 3 kids. You are the one who brought Home
    >> Schooling that into the conversation, not her! In fact she
    >> stated that information in a reply to you at one point. So
    >> again you where already planning on other ways to put/pull her
    >> down & to run her off this board. Now I guess you can give
    >> yourself that big-pat-on-your-back ( for being so successful in
    >> running another new poster away ) that you so obviously have
    >> been wanting/needing. Cause lady ( & I use that term loosely )
    >> you ain't gonna get it from me nor any other decent person who
    >> may still drop by this board from time to time.
    >> Frankly, I have a lot more urgent things that I can/need to be
    >> doing with the little free time I have, than Trying to Make
    >> Polite Conversation with you. I don't care who you are, where
    >> you are nor anything else about you. There are more then enough
    >> nasty/rude people on the streets these days & having to deal
    >> with even one on a Open/Public Chatboard ( sorry to burst your
    >> bubble, but this isn't your personal/private chatboard to do
    >> with as you please! Unless you are Bob the web-master,
    >> mascarading as a poster? ) isn't desirable.
    >> As you are so fond of posting to/about others here:
    >> why don't you try using some of that time in actually HELPING/
    >> being nice to newbies that show-up here needing/looking for
    >> help here, instead of immediately putting a knife into their
    >> backs with your rude/cutting posts?
    >> Remember these old saying? "Treat others the way you want to
    >> be treated", "What goes around comes around" & "whatever you
    >> sew, you will reap an abundance of ". In plain old english that
    >> means - If you're not willing to treat others with respect,
    >> don't expect them to treat you with any respect, and One of
    >> these days you're gonna get back Everything you've been dishing
    >> out on others ( that includes innocent posters here & else-
    >> where ). And whan that day does comes, don't expect me to come
    >> running to your rescue or to stand by your side, cause that
    >> just "Ain't Gonna Happen"!
    >> Now why don't you go have a good-long-look in a mirror. And
    >> while you're there, why don't you try doing what the good-book
    >> says "take that log you have in your eye out 1st & then (
    >> maybe, just maybe ) you can be of to HELP others who have small
    >> splinters in their eyes".
    >> Goodnight!
    > Actually I had a great night, Bird Mom. Thank you!
    > I'm utterly amazed and your continued efforts to try to get back
    > at me.
    > Give it up! Everyone is laughing at you.
    > It's a bird board for God's sake. If something is that serious,
    > you sure as hell wouldn't be coming here for advice!
    > Oh, and get over yourself, too. You're not special.
    > And now for the grammar/spelling portion of your post...
    > "worring" is worrying
    > "replys" is replies
    > "thru" is through
    > "Trying" should not be capitalized
    > "mascarading" is masquerading
    > "english" should be capitalized
    > "whan" is when
    > "lst" is last
    > Had enough? Your dismissed.