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Re: Avian Mites

Posted by Rose on 10/01/07
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    On 9/29/07, Sid wrote:
    > I have been bothered by some form of pest. It causes
    > itching and some pinpont bites. The bites can become red
    > and swell a little, but the feeling of something so tiny
    > that you cannot see it crawling on me is driving me up a
    > wall. I suspect that the problem is Avian Mites, because I
    > feel them most after playing with my two CAGs. I have
    > sprayed with `Avian Insect Liquidator` which is said to be
    > pet safe. This stuff can actually be sprayed ON the Birds
    > and their cages.The pests seem to have spread and are
    > infesting other area. Does anybody have any experience
    > these pests? I really do not think that Fleas are causing
    > the itching and biting because I would see them. I have
    > read that Avian Mites have no color until they gorge
    > themselves on Avian Blood, then they have a red color? I
    > have read that they are only biting me because they think
    > could be a Bird? They only like Bird Blood. As soon as
    > taste my human blood,they continue searching for a Bird.
    > a bad day, they feel like they are jumping on me as I
    > TV and crawling aroung like some form of invisible Spider?
    > Could it be something in the food containers?

    The best place to start would be for you to go to a doctor
    and he can tell you what's biting you. Then, I would take
    the birds to an avian vet, so he can confirm what your
    doctor tells you. Over-the-counter mite remedies for birds
    are ineffective and can even be dangerous.
    Please don't use flea bombs around your birds as it could
    kill them. You need a professional opinion for this problem
    before it gets any worse.