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Re: Avian Mites

Posted by Alison on 10/02/07
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    If you want to know for sure if your birds have mites, simply
    take a white sheet and cover the cage at night. In the morning,
    carefully lift the sheet and look for red spots on it. Mites
    feast mostly at night and will be full and red in the morning,
    making them easier to see. If you do have mites, they are a
    real pain to get rid of because they love to nest in wood. This
    means all wood perches, toys etc. in the cage, as well as the
    surrounding woodwork in your home. But, before you panic, do
    the test and see if that is your problem. Rule of thumb for
    bite wounds: If bites are in threes, think fleas. That should
    help you determine what you are dealing with. Good luck. -Alison-