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Post: Avian Mites

Posted by Sid on 9/29/07

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    I have been bothered by some form of pest. It causes
    itching and some pinpont bites. The bites can become red
    and swell a little, but the feeling of something so tiny
    that you cannot see it crawling on me is driving me up a
    wall. I suspect that the problem is Avian Mites, because I
    feel them most after playing with my two CAGs. I have
    sprayed with `Avian Insect Liquidator` which is said to be
    pet safe. This stuff can actually be sprayed ON the Birds
    and their cages.The pests seem to have spread and are
    infesting other area. Does anybody have any experience with
    these pests? I really do not think that Fleas are causing
    the itching and biting because I would see them. I have
    read that Avian Mites have no color until they gorge
    themselves on Avian Blood, then they have a red color? I
    have read that they are only biting me because they think I
    could be a Bird? They only like Bird Blood. As soon as they
    taste my human blood,they continue searching for a Bird. On
    a bad day, they feel like they are jumping on me as I watch
    TV and crawling aroung like some form of invisible Spider?
    Could it be something in the food containers?

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