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Re: Wanting to purchase an african grey

Posted by Pete on 10/13/07
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    I do not understand why you are looking for a three year
    old Bird, but I`m sure you know? Greys in general are not
    reliably friendly around children. A three year old Bird
    would have a history behind it that could be good or very bad
    for your Grand-child? Greys are not particularly cuddly at
    three and if he lunges at her,it could injure the child. The
    Timneh Grey is more calm and reliable than the Congo Grey,
    but a child would still have to be supervised at all times. I
    make my Grand-kids wear safety glasses when they play with my
    birds. Even with supervision, the birds are fast and could do

    > My daughter is looking to purchase a 3 year old male
    > african grey (congo) and my 7 year old grandaughter is in
    > the house. Is a grey a safe bird to have around
    > children? If supervised of course. Any info on congos I
    > can pass on to her would be greatly appreciated!