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Re: Bloody Poop

Posted by everywhere on 10/30/07
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    Grey's should not get fed seed ( especially fortified with so
    called vitamins and ect..) or colored (fruit) pellets- no bird
    should. If it is blood , you need to go see Avian Vet, this
    could be numerous things wrong with your bird. This is NOT the

    On 10/28/07, Pete wrote:
    > Any red dye `Could` cause this to happen. Do you feed your
    > bird a cheap, colorful mix of pellets and seed. I have had
    > birds poop red, green and blue at different times. The cheap
    > dye that off brands use can cause liver and kidney damage
    > I no longer use colorful feed unless it is marked as safe
    > them. If it`s really blood, see the Avian Vet.
    > n 10/28/07, Brenda wrote:
    >> I have an African Grey that has had bloody poop once in a
    >> while. Am wondering if it is a sign of stress ~ the last
    >> few months he has had very little contact with people, or
    >> could it be from him jumping off his cage to the floor
    >> about 2 feet down. He has not done it since he came here,
    >> only when he was isolated. Seems healthy otherwise, and
    >> now is enjoying lots of attention.