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Re: Bloody Poop

Posted by Mrs. Grey on 10/30/07
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    On 10/30/07, everywhere wrote:
    > Grey's should not get fed seed ( especially fortified with so
    > called vitamins and ect..) or colored (fruit) pellets- no bird
    > should. If it is blood , you need to go see Avian Vet, this
    > could be numerous things wrong with your bird. This is NOT the
    > norm!
    > On 10/28/07, Pete wrote:
    >> Any red dye `Could` cause this to happen. Do you feed your
    >> bird a cheap, colorful mix of pellets and seed. I have had
    > my
    >> birds poop red, green and blue at different times. The cheap
    >> dye that off brands use can cause liver and kidney damage
    > and
    >> I no longer use colorful feed unless it is marked as safe
    > for
    >> them. If it`s really blood, see the Avian Vet.

    This nonsense of not feeding birds seed and only a pelleted,
    organic, natural colored diet is absurd.
    Pellets, no matter who makes them, are not a varied enough or
    nutritionally complete diet for ANY bird to thrive both
    physically and mentally.
    All birds should have a VARIED diet which includes a high-quality
    seed mix, pellets, fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, soaked
    seeds, sprouts, legumes, cooked grains, etc. Nuts both shelled
    and in the shell are necessary, also.
    No bird should ever be given just one kind of food. That in
    itself is abuse. Sure they will exist, but they are being
    deprived of what nature would consider a natural diet.
    Stop preaching this propaganda as new folks to birds actually
    believe these ridiculous myths.
    I'm not discounting the stool having red in it and I do believe
    that a vet shoulc be consulted.