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Re: Bloody Poop

Posted by Lori Hassell on 10/30/07
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    I agree well balanced but most bird owners dont take the time to
    properly sprout seed or prepare food appropriate for birds- so
    Seed that is fortified is a reaL no no AND natural pellets are
    way better for them than you think, especially, Zupreem after 27
    years of supporting parrot life I do feel I know what Im talking
    about I dont believe in myths and people on here think BS!

    On 10/30/07, Mrs. Grey wrote:
    > On 10/30/07, everywhere wrote:
    >> Grey's should not get fed seed ( especially fortified with so
    >> called vitamins and ect..) or colored (fruit) pellets- no bird
    >> should. If it is blood , you need to go see Avian Vet, this
    >> could be numerous things wrong with your bird. This is NOT the
    >> norm!
    >> On 10/28/07, Pete wrote:
    >>> Any red dye `Could` cause this to happen. Do you feed your
    >>> bird a cheap, colorful mix of pellets and seed. I have had
    >> my
    >>> birds poop red, green and blue at different times. The cheap
    >>> dye that off brands use can cause liver and kidney damage
    >> and
    >>> I no longer use colorful feed unless it is marked as safe
    >> for
    >>> them. If it`s really blood, see the Avian Vet.
    > This nonsense of not feeding birds seed and only a pelleted,
    > organic, natural colored diet is absurd.
    > Pellets, no matter who makes them, are not a varied enough or
    > nutritionally complete diet for ANY bird to thrive both
    > physically and mentally.
    > All birds should have a VARIED diet which includes a high-
    > seed mix, pellets, fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, soaked
    > seeds, sprouts, legumes, cooked grains, etc. Nuts both shelled
    > and in the shell are necessary, also.
    > No bird should ever be given just one kind of food. That in
    > itself is abuse. Sure they will exist, but they are being
    > deprived of what nature would consider a natural diet.
    > Stop preaching this propaganda as new folks to birds actually
    > believe these ridiculous myths.
    > I'm not discounting the stool having red in it and I do believe
    > that a vet shoulc be consulted.