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Re: Bloody Poop

Posted by Mrs. Grey on 10/30/07
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    On 10/30/07, Lori Hassell wrote:
    > I agree well balanced but most bird owners dont take the time to
    > properly sprout seed or prepare food appropriate for birds- so
    > Seed that is fortified is a reaL no no AND natural pellets are
    > way better for them than you think, especially, Zupreem after 27
    > years of supporting parrot life I do feel I know what Im talking
    > about I dont believe in myths and people on here think BS!

    Oh well! Why didn't you say so!!! Twenty seven years of supporting
    parrot life makes everything A-OK.
    Step away from the bird cage, Lori. It's going to be all right.
    Help is on the way.

    Oh, and I've been "supporting parrot life" for twenty seven years and
    two days so I guess that triumphs your ideology. I win since you
    insist on making it a competition.