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Re: Bloody Poop

Posted by everywhere on 10/31/07
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    Sunflower seeds are like birdie cocain- give me a break people, use
    common sense. Most here go buy the cheapest crap and feed it, just cause
    they are LAZY! LH does feed mixture and spends alot of time researching-
    been to her home and have seen the bird care- she has helped me with
    pluckers and more in the last 20 years. Wow, what a bunch of NTGL people
    on here!

    On 10/30/07, Nestor wrote:
    > On 10/30/07, Mrs. Grey wrote:
    >> On 10/30/07, Lori Hassell wrote:
    >>> I agree well balanced but most bird owners dont take the time to
    >>> properly sprout seed or prepare food appropriate for birds- so
    >>> Seed that is fortified is a reaL no no AND natural pellets are
    >>> way better for them than you think, especially, Zupreem after 27
    >>> years of supporting parrot life I do feel I know what Im talking
    >>> about I dont believe in myths and people on here think BS!
    >> Oh well! Why didn't you say so!!! Twenty seven years of supporting
    >> parrot life makes everything A-OK.
    >> Step away from the bird cage, Lori. It's going to be all right.
    >> Help is on the way.
    >> Oh, and I've been "supporting parrot life" for twenty seven years
    > and
    >> two days so I guess that triumphs your ideology. I win since you
    >> insist on making it a competition.
    > I will not feed my birds pellets instead of seed. It will be a mixed
    > variety. I don't see pellet trees or bushes in the wild and know that
    > in the wild birds eat seeds (plus fruits nuts veggies etc) I do add
    > pellets, but I'm not concerned with those. I'm sure there will be
    > plenty of people who say that domesticated birds should be on pellets
    > but come on, if the bird is eating veggies, pasta, fruit, nuts and so
    > on then we don't need pellets. I feel sorry for the birds who are on
    > pellets and don't have seeds.