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Re: Bloody Poop Split Personality?

Posted by Mrs. Grey on 10/31/07
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    On 10/31/07, Lori Hassell wrote:
    > Mrs Grey- :} Sorry for your personal problem- I have no need to
    > compete or have the want to, or try and help, good luck with that. PS
    > if seed was found in the wild it wouldnt contain the mold and crap we
    > humans add to it, might be huge reason why greys and cockatoo's will
    > pluck and start fatty tumors..........................ect.

    Hey Lori, you have some room to talk about "personal problems." In case
    you don't realize, your ISP identity is the same as "everywhere." So
    it's no wonder that you've been to Lori's home as you are the same
    delusional person. Stupid can't be cured.