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Re: Can an African Gray be agrophobic?

Posted by Rose on 11/09/07
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    On 11/09/07, Janice Kirk wrote:
    > My African Gray, P'body, is 12 years old and over the last
    > month he no longer wants to come out of his cage. When he
    > does, he will be coaxed to get on my finger and as soon as
    > he is out of the cage he begins screaching very loudly
    > like I'm killing him, and flys to the floor and runs
    > behind furniture.
    > He has stopped eating his crunchies food and prefers only
    > the nuts and fruit I give him each morning. He will eat
    > his crunchies about 15 min before I cover him for the
    > night - about 9 p.m. I still maintain our daily ritual of
    > opening his cage door and spending time with him and my
    > Senegal every night in their room. He no longer wishes to
    > join us in the living room as he used to.
    > If anyone has anything to offer on this problem, I'd like
    > to hear it. P'body's history was at the age of about 5 he
    > was stolen from our home when it was broken into (3 times -
    > 2nd time they took him and Forrest, our Senegal - he was
    > gone for 3 months and returned). Other than that horrible
    > experience, his life has been pretty simple.

    When one of my birds changes their eating habits and doesn't
    want to come out of their cage, it usually means they aren't
    feeling well. If it were my bird, I would have the avian
    vet check him out asap.