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Re: Cages

Posted by Keep Smiling on 11/12/07
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    On 11/12/07, Barbie wrote:
    > Im thinking about buying my african grey congo a larger and
    > nicer bird cage. What do you all think of dome tops versus
    > playtops. I like dome ones because of all the interior
    > extra room. What do you all like and have?

    Each type or style of cage provides their own features that
    you have to decide which is most important for your bird.

    The dome top cage does allow for extra room. IF you have a
    play stand or area where the bird will go when not in his
    cage, that style would be fine.

    If your bird requires a place to play when out of the cage
    and you don't have another designated area, you might want
    to consider the play top.

    I have both and really don't have a preference over one or