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Re: Cages

Posted by Pete on 11/12/07
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    I also have both types of cages for my CAG`s. They go back
    and forth, but seem to prefer the older (alpha) Bird`s dome
    type cage. I personally prefer the Playtop cage with it`s solid
    playtop flooring, because they are less likely to foul the
    water and food cups with POOP.

    On 11/12/07, Keep Smiling wrote:
    > On 11/12/07, Barbie wrote:
    >> Im thinking about buying my african grey congo a larger and
    >> nicer bird cage. What do you all think of dome tops versus
    >> playtops. I like dome ones because of all the interior
    >> extra room. What do you all like and have?
    > Each type or style of cage provides their own features that
    > you have to decide which is most important for your bird.
    > The dome top cage does allow for extra room. IF you have a
    > play stand or area where the bird will go when not in his
    > cage, that style would be fine.
    > If your bird requires a place to play when out of the cage
    > and you don't have another designated area, you might want
    > to consider the play top.
    > I have both and really don't have a preference over one or
    > another.