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Re: Cages

Posted by GreyLady on 11/13/07
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    I have one dome top, for my Macaw. The rest of my cages have
    either solid tops or the tops that have playtops with the
    pull out tray for cleaning. I much prefer the solid tops
    over the domes, primarily for one reason. If the bird is on
    top of the cage, it's not pooping and making all manner of
    mess that drops down into the cage, bowls, on to the hanging
    toys, and so forth. I have the dome top for two main
    reasons. It does give my Macaw some extra room and it was a
    deal I could not pass up, price wise, at the time. But if I
    had my "druthers", aside from the fantastic price, I would
    have no dome top cages. JMO.