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Re: Red Factor

Posted by GreyLady on 11/13/07
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    I would not be at all surprised if some less than reputable
    breeders might try to charge more. But, so far as I'm aware,
    there is no reason for it. Red factor only means the bird
    may tend to have some red feathers show up where they usually
    only have grey. Even if a bird has that tendency, there is
    no guarantee it will repeat with every molt. Some do, some
    don't, some have it recur in other areas at the next molt,
    and so on. My own CAG, has one single tiny red feather show
    up on his chest about every other molt and it's usually in a
    different place. I don't know anythng about the science or
    genetics of it but based on what I have read, and what little
    I know about it, it's not really an "official" anything.
    It's a random genetic fluke that can show up and may, or may
    not, be repeated in any given bird, from one molt to the
    next. I suppose there are breeders out there, trying to
    breed one red factor with another in hopes of making it more
    prevalent so they can try to charge more. Personally, I'm
    not so sure if that's good breeding practice, irresponsible
    practice, or maybe makes no difference at all.