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Re: Red Factor

Posted by kathie krom on 11/27/07
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    On 11/21/07, Lenny wrote:
    > Karen Thanks
    > I watched my red factor pair mate last Sunday so I will be
    > expecting babies from them and I wont charge any more for them
    > as I do for the others
    > thanks again
    > On 11/17/07, karen wrote:
    >> There is a CAG breeder near Joliet IL that sells red factor.
    >> She does not charge more for her birds, but I think she has a
    >> waiting list for females. She had a nice male "on sale" last
    >> month. I think she was asking 800, It had a lot of red
    >> peppered all over. I do not know if she will ship
    >> I can try to find out who she is if you have any interest, she
    >> does not come to the Joliet bird fair often as she does not
    >> have many "extra" birds
    >> In this area CAGs range $700-1200 fron a private party
    >> More in a pet store $1200-2000
    >> I would buy from a good breeder, not a pet store.
    >> Good luck