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Re: Tapeworms

Posted by karen on 11/17/07
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    On 11/13/07, Brenda wrote:
    > I read on a website that greys are very prone to tapeworms
    > ~ do I need to have my timneh wormed?

    I had to have my OWA wormed for hookworms.
    he was fluffed up and a bit grumpy.
    A av. Vet. can see the hookworm eggs in fresh poop under a
    microscope. The hookworm eggs can be on seeds.
    Other worms can come from mouse droppings in the bird food.
    Yuck! After worm treatment everything must be cleaned!
    or you can reinfect as the eggs lay dormant in the poop dust
    I purchased a hand held steam cleaner that is made for
    kitchen/bath cleaning & that helped.
    If you have a micrscope you can use the eggs are easy to see
    on a slide. look it up on the web so you know what to look
    for. I was told to freeze any seeds before giving as a treat
    I now use nuts instead