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Re: african that want talk

Posted by teresa on 11/15/07
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    On 11/15/07, yvonne wrote:
    > my african gray use to say,come on lets go ,and pretty
    > girl and now just says hello,and all kinds of sounds,and
    > whistles.he`s 4 years old .whats wrong?

    Expose him to as many people as possible - take him to work.
    When others are around take turns saying a word or phrase you
    want him to know..make it a fun exciting word - put emphasis
    on it - mine I say Poooooooooooooor Moe. Or when I see a cat
    I say get out get out get out! We taught mine to say Why
    certainly, like the stooges, we took turns saying it on a 4
    hour trip to vegas, said he it the next day.