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Re: Banding Babies

Posted by Clarese on 11/21/07
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    On 11/21/07, Anthony F. wrote:
    > If you had the task I do of cutting a band off of a mean Yellow
    > Nape Breeder you would never band a baby again. I keep a diary
    > of each baby plus a picture goes in their file every two days.
    > If person needs a band to trust me they are buying from the
    > wrong person.
    > On 11/20/07, GreyLady wrote:
    >> On 11/19/07, Lenny wrote:
    >>> I am looking for bands probably open bands because I am
    >>> going to pull them at 3 weeks. I have banded other birds
    >>> and in my experience you have to band in the first week.
    >> In my opinion, why waste your time amd money using open
    >> bands. They are technically meaningless, in the grand scheme
    >> of things. You may know that you personally placed them on a
    >> certain bird who matches up with certain records but an open
    >> band could have been placed by anyone, at anytime so they are
    >> not going to mean anything to a savvy buyer.

    The only good band, in my opinion, is one that has DETAILED
    information inscribed. First and foremost, the YEAR is invaluable
    when it comes to knowing the age of the bird. You know as well
    as I do that birds are passed around and each time this happens
    a "new story" comes with the bird that suits the seller.
    It should also have the breeder's or aviary initials, the state
    as well as an identifying number.
    Closed banding is the only way to go. As it was mentioned, an
    open band it worthless.
    No offense Anthony, but your pictures and diary mean nothing to
    the bird once it leaves your possession.
    Some breeders are too cheap to order bands for each year so most
    bands do not have the year imprinted. It's a shame because each
    time a bird is sold, it becomes younger and younger.
    In case you haven't noticed, there are a LOT of unscrupulous
    breeders out there.

    Why would you have to cut off a band other than it was over sized
    to begin with and dangerous for the bird. A properly fitted band
    causes no problems.