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Re: Banding Babies

Posted by Ckarese on 11/25/07
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    On 11/24/07, Lenny (Vegas) wrote:
    > Thanks Clarese
    > I will get the s.s. size 16 to ensure I can band at 3 weeks of age I
    > appreciate your emails this is a great forum
    > Lenny
    > On 11/23/07, Clarese wrote:
    >> On 11/23/07, Lenny wrote:
    >>> Glenda can you tell me where you get your african grey closed bands? I
    >>> was unaware you could band older than a week with cloed bands I am in
    >>> a bit of a hurry they should lay eggs any day now thanks
    >> This place has the best bands going. If you don't have eggs yet, you
    >> will have time to order your bands without problems.

    Lenny, I'll be honest with you. I think the size 16 will be too big unless
    you have VERY LARGE parent birds, and that's still not a guarantee that your
    babies will inherit the size.

    The size 14, even at 3 weeks would be more appropriate, in my opinion, as it
    will be what I consider to be "more properly fitted," without an excess of
    space. A smaller band will cause you far less problems in the future than a
    too-large band.
    Even at three weeks, it should still do well in getting it on. Often times,
    and this is with many birds, you can, and should, lubricate the toes with
    something that will make the installation of the band easier. This can be
    Vaseline, vegetable oil, mineral oil, antibiotic ointment, etc.

    Baby toes, while somewhat chubby when they are small, tend to thin out a bit
    as the bird matures. Don't let this deter you from using a smaller band.

    Good luck and I hope your eggs are fertile.