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Posted by Alabama on 11/19/07
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    Hi Pete,
    Its not as much mating behavior as it is just bonded
    behavior. Pairs who are well bonded exhibit most of what
    you've detailed here. The feeding and preening etc. Even
    birds of the same sex/different species can bond and show
    much of the behavior you've described.

    Mating behavior usually includes a fair amount of aggression
    and getting territorial. The hen starts to look for
    something suitable to nest in, which in the wild would be a
    hollowed out tree, in capitivity it would be a nest box, in
    your case, no telling what she'll turn to. Something close
    and dark if she can find it.

    The lack of a suitable breeding set up might stop them
    from progressing from just bonded behavior. I had to shut
    down my breeders for several years and I just pulled boxes
    down. Nothing laid eggs in that time period. They have all
    rejoiced in the return of their boxes, my african grey hen
    was so happy she laid four eggs and hatched all four
    babies. They are beautiful.

    Eye color will tell you if a chick is under a year old, they
    are born with black eyes. And hens can start breeding as
    young as two. Many don't but they can. I hope some of this
    helps. For the most part, just enjoy your beautiful birds,
    they sound like they are quite a pair.