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Posted by Pete on 11/20/07
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    Great response Alabama. I never intended to become a Breeder
    because I have read that pet Birds will revert back to their
    previous untamed personality while protecting each other and
    the nest box. Do you know if this is true? I do not want to
    lose my pals, but I figure I can`t stop Nature either? The Nest
    Box seems to be the key from what you have written, so I`ll
    just avoid getting one. Thank you for the information. Pete

    On 11/19/07, Alabama wrote:
    > Hi Pete,
    > Its not as much mating behavior as it is just bonded
    > behavior. Pairs who are well bonded exhibit most of what
    > you've detailed here. The feeding and preening etc. Even
    > birds of the same sex/different species can bond and show
    > much of the behavior you've described.
    > Mating behavior usually includes a fair amount of aggression
    > and getting territorial. The hen starts to look for
    > something suitable to nest in, which in the wild would be a
    > hollowed out tree, in capitivity it would be a nest box, in
    > your case, no telling what she'll turn to. Something close
    > and dark if she can find it.
    > The lack of a suitable breeding set up might stop them
    > from progressing from just bonded behavior. I had to shut
    > down my breeders for several years and I just pulled boxes
    > down. Nothing laid eggs in that time period. They have all
    > rejoiced in the return of their boxes, my african grey hen
    > was so happy she laid four eggs and hatched all four
    > babies. They are beautiful.
    > Eye color will tell you if a chick is under a year old, they
    > are born with black eyes. And hens can start breeding as
    > young as two. Many don't but they can. I hope some of this
    > helps. For the most part, just enjoy your beautiful birds,
    > they sound like they are quite a pair.