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Re: talk to me!

Posted by lena on 12/02/07
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    On 12/02/07, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 12/01/07, lena wrote:
    >> how to make them talk then YOU want them to talk?
    > You don't. Just as you don't MAKE them do anything else. If
    > talking is the main reason you got a bird, you may be in for
    > a huge disappointment. There is never, ever a guarantee that
    > any bird will talk. Sometimes Greys won't even start trying
    > until they are 18 months or so old. Of course some start
    > much earlier and some never talk. It all depends on whether
    > they want to or not. All you can do is pick a few words and
    > simple phrases and repeat them, a lot. I would suggest you
    > start out with putting names to things so the bird knows what
    > to call things. That helps a lot later on, if they want to
    > talk. It enables them to learn to ask for what they want.
    > Things like "supper" or whatever you want to call their meal
    > time, "water", "want out", just anything you want them to be
    > able to use the proper word for. But be prepared to love the
    > bird just the same, even if it never says a word.
    Thanks GrayLady! But my question not how to train them to
    talk,but how to train them to talk on cue and talk in front of
    audience,like the birds you see on shows!Any advices?maybe some
    methods you know to make the Gray more confident on public?
    Thanks again.Lena.