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Re: talk to me!

Posted by Rose on 12/03/07
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    On 12/02/07, lena wrote:
    > On 12/02/07, GreyLady wrote:
    >> On 12/01/07, lena wrote:
    >>> how to make them talk then YOU want them to talk?

    The parrots and people you see on TV are using the reward
    system, either by clicker training or by a food treat. The ones
    I've seen on TV use a food treat. I haven't bought a Bird Talk
    Magazine in a while, but they had several issues last year that
    give detailed instructions about how to teach tricks.
    The "trick" with talking is to use "cue" words, where you say
    one thing and the bird is expected to reply with another sound
    or word. At first you do both words a few times, then you say
    only your word and wait for the bird to fill in the missing
    word. Voila! Then, you give either a treat or copious amounts
    of praise, and next thing you know, the bird is saying the words
    you want. Good luck.