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Re: talk to me!

Posted by karen on 12/03/07
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    >>>> how to make them talk then YOU want them to talk?

    Think of it as a game not something you make them do
    The clicker is a 'bridge" till you can get a nut in his mouth. You
    must clicker train first.
    If you are on the other side of the room and he does something you
    want the clicker is to be the "bridge" to let the bird know a nut
    is on the way
    It may sound odd, I get my guys started talking by first getting
    them comfortable with being held close and kissed on top of the
    then I touch my lips to the TOP of their head and softly speak the
    words I want them to learn. The vibrations and closeness tends to
    keep their interest.
    with the response training the cue word is drab and the response
    word is big and exciting! cue -kiss kiss- respond -"I LOVE YOU"-
    the response should be louder and more exciting.
    Watch for signals that your bird is ready to learn, a few min. on
    the birds terms is more effective than an hour on your terms
    Just remember all birds are different! My Amazon wants to learn
    tricks and play with toys, the talking thing is not his bag!
    The TAG wants to talk to me from a distance , not face to face!
    When we are close he wants to play! -I think he has learned
    talking will bring me into the room with a nut.
    -Who is the trainer?? -But that tells me when he is ready to work
    for a few min. This all takes time, if you try to push things and
    cause tension it will not happen
    If the bird is having fun, he/she will guide YOU to know what and
    when it wants to learn.
    Many libraries have dog clicker training tapes, they will give you
    an idea on how to start. I have not found a good clicker one
    concerning birds. -Birds do not respond like dogs but the timing
    and reward ideas are the same-
    The ALEX video shows how to use competition for the prize. I use
    my TAG to show other birds how to step up and do other basic
    handling "tricks"
    -they see him get a nut for stepping up and stepping back down
    etc. Bird see, bird do.
    You can also get a bird started talking by giving the cue
    (kiss,kiss) and having a competitor(human friend) say "I LOVE YOU"
    Then you give the person a nut and say Good boy!
    If the bird tries give nut! At first a grunt is good, then look
    for a little closer sound.
    OOPS I almost forgot, I feed my guys pellets, veg,frt,&healthy
    stuff only. They only get nuts or seeds during and just after
    training time.
    Good luck & HAVE FUN