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Re: Privacy

Posted by Lenny on 12/02/07
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    On 12/02/07, GreyLady wrote:
    > Why would you need privacy from a bird? My birds are always
    > right in the thick of things. Where the most human activity
    > is going on, that's where they are. They are flock animals,
    > not loners. Why would you ever want them isolated some
    > where? If this garage is still used as a garage in any way
    > at all, including storing the kinds of things we usually put
    > in garages, or, if it ever was and was not thoroghly cleaned
    > before the bird entered it, that's very dangerous for the
    > bird. I'm not understanding why someone would want a
    > especially one as intelligent as a Grey and then want to put
    > it off somewhere away from where the humans spend their
    > Or am I totally misunderstanding what you are asking?

    So am I to understand that you have pairs set up in your
    kitchen maybe I wasnt clear enough I am no talking about my
    pets of course those are mixed in all the families activities
    I am talking about my breeders