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Re: Privacy

Posted by lena on 12/03/07
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    On 12/01/07, Lenny wrote:
    > my question is privacy where do you guys house your birds,
    > a unused bedroom, out building, garage or outside? if it
    > is in the house and daily activity is going on in the
    > house with kids say is that a distraction? just looking
    > for someone who has them in a bedroom or a garage that is
    > attached and are you successful in that enviroment. My
    > setup is in the garage and obviously closed it off but
    > they do hear all the goings on with 4 kids in the house
    > just tryng to get an idea if it is working for someone
    > else? thanks in advance
    Hi! Do not you worry about a noise from the house,as long as
    they do not See any big traffic,they are fine.Make sure you do
    not play with your pet bird in front of them,and turn off the
    lights after dark,so they get enough sleep.Good luck!