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Re: Privacy

Posted by Rick on 12/12/07
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    On 12/11/07, Lenny wrote:
    > Thanks Rick
    > I appreciated your advice and I do have them in the Garage
    > but prepared for this I have built a wall section and removed
    > everything that was in there I only go in there once a day to
    > feed and only there 4 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft cages are in there I have
    > 4 pair. I have witnessed one pair mating so I guess I am doing
    > something right! it is funny how people give unwanted beliefs
    > and feelings when a novice breeder is just looking for a little
    > advice!
    > On 12/10/07, Rick wrote:
    >> On 12/10/07, Diana wrote:
    >>> Housing a bird away from the family is horrible. NO to the
    >>> Garage, NO to a spare room unless they get let out of there
    >>> and allowed to socialize with the rest of the hooman family.
    >>> I say yes to the living room and most soacialized family
    >>> room where MOST of the actiity is. If the activity goes on
    >>> throughout the night, a spare nighttime cage in another room
    >>> is called for.
    >> Diana, Please read the entire posting before posting. It makes
    >> you seem inadequate in comprehension.
    >> As for the breeding, best to keep them out of line of the
    >> traffic thoroughfare in the house. They need their privacy,
    >> but not in the garage with the many, many undesirable scents
    >> in the air that can harm them. An extra room, bedroom, etc.
    >> would be the best for you in this breeding situation. Too much
    >> activity can upset the breeding pairs and can be unsuccessful.
    >> I do not breed also, but have contacts that do and all, if not
    >> most of their breeders are out of sight and in an area where
    >> they have little contact with the outside world other than
    >> their caretakers. This seems to be the key to success. I'm
    >> sure others will have more info for you.


    Sounds as though you have done a great job pre-planning for your
    venture and you have some content birds as they are showing signs
    of nesting. This is just the first stage, so keep reading, try to
    get hands on experience if possible for the next stages,
    (feedings, housing and caring for babies, etc.) to come and you
    will do fine. And remember to keep asking questions. Never can ask
    too many. Alot of good people here with valualable information for
    you, even as a Novice. All of us who are birds owners were once
    Novices also, and just as you are, we have asked many questions
    and have done extensive research along the way. Bird education is
    neverending. Just have to sometimes sift through unwanted comments
    along the way. Good luck and Happy Holidays too!